HomeGoods of Chester, NJ is now open (or is it Home Goods?)

We mentioned a couple of months ago that Home Goods was opening up in Chester, NJ. Well, they opened up about a week ago!

Our family took a quick peek in there last week, just days after they opened.

Some quick observations:

  • This place will be a smash hit for this area. Just about every stay-at-home mom within a 10-mile radius was in there, kids in tow. Insane! Not sure there will ever be “off-peak” at this store.
  • The store was packed to the gills with stuff. So much so that it was a bit disorganized and overwhelming! Much more than a typical Home Goods.
  • Lastly – the staff wasn’t up to speed yet. Be prepared for frustrating times until they get into gear (hopefully soon!)

Otherwise – a good addition to this area.

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