Flu Season 2020 – 2021: What is in store for NJ?

Seriously folks. We can only imagine what the fear-mongers of society have up their collective sleeves this coming winter flu season. It would be natural to expect a whole lot of nonsense, that is for sure.

One helpful tip from the publisher of NJroute22: Panicking because you might get a cold or the flu later this winter is probably the worst thing you can do. Stress, paranoia, and worry truly do not help – often exacerbating existing conditions. Yes, you can get yourself sicker! So just chill out and roll with the flow, as they say.

Flu Season – Everyone Will Think They’ve Got Covid-19 Instead

by Ken Jorgustin

According to the CDC (chart above), the worst (peak) months for flu season are the four months from December through March. The transition from November to December is rapid as flu ramps up quickly. The big peak during February (month of most peak flu), then basically done by April.

Why Will 2020 – 2021 Flu Season Be Different?

Have you heard of COVID-19? (/sarc)

Given the massive media hype surrounding COVID-19 (“We’re all gonna die!!”), can you just imagine the freak-out when ordinary people begin coming down with the ordinary flu a few months from now?

Everyone will think they have COVID-19!

And to make it worse, the mainstream media will probably tie it all in as COVID-19 – scaring the $h!# out of everyone.

Next? Well, there will be the usual suspects who will want to close everything down again. Lock it up tight. Right?

I’m posting this possibility because I do believe that when flu season hits (as it always does), MOST people (given their freak-out fear of COVID-19) WILL believe they’ve got it (COVID-19) if they happen to catch the seasonal flu.

What an opportunity for more hysteria, yes?

So how will that affect you and me? Well unless the mainstream media changes their message of COVID-19 fear (which they won’t!), there will probably be more lockdowns across the board.

That will bring on more panic buying of (fill in the blank). More shortages. Problems. Anger.

I must say, that “if” they do start locking down again – there will be economic carnage beyond the devastation we’ve already seen. The death knell. There’s simply no way that our existing burgeoned financial system can survive it again.

So not only should you be concerned about the election results and their follow-on consequences, you might consider the resurgence of COVID hysteria as the flu season sets in.

What’s your opinion about the upcoming “flu season” as it relates to the likelihood that so many will be afraid they’ve got Covid-19 instead? Will the seasonal flu be differentiated from COVID-19 (as it should be) so as to maintain some calm? Will MSM actually point that out? Or will it all be attributed to a new “onslaught” of the pandemic — and renewed controls and lockdowns?

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