Every week – we do a general Supermarket Roundup VLOG here on this site. We chose to do this because the majority of people (including us) do the bulk of our shopping there. We have that in common.

However, we do try to support local farmers when we can. It’s not always easy, due to logistical constraints. Places like Farmers Markets often have sort of limited hours. Places like Profeta Farms are promising – but sort of out there for many. Then, there’s always local eggs as well!

But going to places like Whole Foods or Kings is often a rip – and you have to be careful even at places like ShopRite.

Wegmans though seems to have very well-curated organic fruits and vegetables.

What about Jersey Fresh? Or how can we Find Jersey Fresh?

Jersey FreshOne exciting new development (thanks, technology) comes from Jersey Fresh.

But before we continue – it’s important to note that Jersey Fresh is just a marketing operation of the State of New Jersey. Not saying that is bad, per se – but it’s helpful to know where some of the so-called dotted lines go if you catch my drift.

And now they have something that is actually a bit helpful, pushed under the Find Jersey Fresh nomenclature. (FindJerseyFresh.com is the website).

It’s basically a tool that helps you actually find (or discover) local farms across the NJ landscapes. Heck – you might even stumble upon some place in your own backyard!

Pick your criteria and search Jersey Fresh

The premise is so easy, a caveman could do it.

Just pick what you’re searching for – a zip code you’d like to search around – and boom! You have a map of the places you can explore. But it helps to narrow your zones.

This is what it looks like when I used a 50-mile radius of the center of NJ. Wow. Too many search results! I could be here all day!

Or you might be TOO narrow – like here’s a 5-mile radius from Bridgewater… Sorry, hardly any on-farm produce stands around here!

It also depends on the area you search. A similar 5-mile radius from near Flemington nets better results. That’s more like it, isn’t it?

Go out and see what you can find!

Your results will vary based on what’s in the area. We limited our searches to just on-farm stands. Not CSA, or Wine, or anything else. So poke around a bit, adjust your settings and see what can find!

Website: https://findjerseyfresh.com/


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