More slow drivers in NJ

Written by NJroute22

We’ve already talked about our gripes with slow drivers in NJ. It seems like something has happened to a lot of people in just the past year or two.

I’ve encountered so many drivers who are deathly afraid to exceed the “speed limit” (in quotes on purpose) by even one mile an hour. I can understand staying under the radar in known ball-busting areas (for your economic health). But on roads that are impossible to have speed traps? C’mon.

I really believe that drivers who KNOW they go way too slow (judging by the conga line behind them), should be “proactively considerate” by pulling over and allowing the natural speed of the road prevail. But most don’t because they’re snarky and entitled.

Anyway – some even go BEYOND just driving slow. They add stupid bumper stickers to their car, further snubbing their noses at you. Like this one we spotted up in the Hackettstown, NJ area recently.

Their three bumper stickers read:

  • “Go ahead and Pass me. I’ll see you at the next light.”
  • “Sorry for driving SOOO CLOSE in FRONT of you.”
  • “Back Off! I’m not that kind of car.”

As you can see – they know they’re annoyingly slow drivers. And choose to openly acknowledge their weakness. One of the many problems living among such a high concentration of people.

At least karma plays an active role here. This person has a car model called “Fit,” yet their groceries in the back were loaded with carbs. Bread, cereal, etc. Perhaps if they took better care of themselves, they’d be energetic enough to actually enjoy driving in a more spirited manner.

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