Impulse buying – is it down during the crisis?

Everyone knows what impulse buying is, right?

In general – it’s buying things you had no intention of buying prior to going to a store. Most of the time – they’re things that you might “want” only because you laid eyes on them. Other times, they can truly be useful – and might not even be considered impulse buys.

But the REAL impulse buys are typically located near the checkout section of the store.

The supermarkets perfected this tactic with candy and bullshit celebrity magazines. Brilliant psychological marketing.

Later on, other intelligent companies created MEGA impulse buying brainwashing mazes – most notable is the TJX stores (TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, Etc.). Their snake-maze checkout lines (along with relatively slow checkout speed) was a money-printing concept. And why they’re still one of the strong companies out there. They know how to tap into human psychology.

No shopping – less impulse buying? What about online?

We don’t go to stores. Why? We refuse to wear masks. Long story – will share one day in the future.

But because we don’t subject ourselves to these temptations – our reckless purchasing has gone down tremendously. Almost 99%!

When you buy what you NEED (online supermarkets for instance), you almost never buy things you had no intention of acquiring. Amazing, actually.

And while online shopping is up (for people like us at least), it has had little to no effect on our unplanned purchases. Sure – many online companies have “suggested products,” or “recommended,” it is nowhere near as effective as the impulse buy checkout lines.

Are you buying less?

While not everyone is anti-stores as us – I wonder how much the face diapering has effected ordinary shopping.

Do people still impulse buy with face diapers on? Or do they just want to get the hell out of the store as fast as possible?

It’s safe to say that some folks who are willing to go into stores still get affected by the trickery – but we think it’s a good prediction to assume that overall shopping expenditures are down for the most part.

What about you?

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