Sugar Blues – low carb book recommendation {VLOG}

Sugar Blues – low carb book recommendation {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we chat about a book that doesn’t really get much press. Especially considering it came out 45 years ago.

We did a blog post about Sugar Blues two years ago – but wanted to follow up with a “multimedia” presentation.

Sugar Blues was once a “bestseller,” it didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the world’s taste buds. As obesity and sickness are at an all-time high.

This book is great. Written before the processed food industry grew to where it is today – and before High Fructose Corn Syrup. But it is more relevant now than when it was published.

Low-carb and carnivore people do not necessarily NEED it – but it’s good to build your information database in your head. And to perhaps “red pill” others. Could be a great stepping stone towards improved health.

We’ll share one of the many great comments that other readers had about this book:

“I do not usually write reviews on books as it is just my interpretation of what the author told me. I read some of the negative reviews here though after almost finishing this book and had written a small review.

This book is not scientific many other books have info for that. This book does not give you implicit instructions on how to kick sugar, processed food.

This book is about the sugar blues. A friend recommended it as an eye-opener. I had never heard the term sugar blues despite having suffered it a few times.

The book is brilliant in explaining how sugar has become totally integrated into our world. So many doctors and scientists have tried to show how this is damaging to us but the reports have not made headline media at their time or in current times. This has lots of historical reviews and examples of people suffering from sugar addiction. It also rants about the effects on people. It is 5 stars for making me realize I am putting an inert substance into me and my family that has no nutritional value. I also cannot escape this as it is in everything. I am going to try though.

It awakens in me a curiosity about why I am being fed food that is bad for me. As I have aged my medical visits have increased. Why? Other cultures have records of this not happening. For this awareness, this book gets 5 stars. I was asleep until recently.”

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