Despite what the mainstream news portrays as doom and gloom – a huge number of people agree about the nonsense that is happening because of the “crisis.” Excellent piece below – along with some great videos too!

Loving Their Diapers…

by Eric Peters

The worrisome thing about Face Diapering is that it’s become just what it was always meant to be – a virtue statement (of obedience). More people – in some areas, virtually all people – are wearing the Face Diaper (which also looks like a Face Speedo, with the wearer’s face resembling a crotch bulge) even when they don’t have to – as they would shoes – i.e., as a normal piece of clothing that it would be abnormal to go out without.

Diapers are becoming fashionable, in other words.

This is reflected not just in the wearing but the personalizing. Since you can’t show your face anymore, you show how much you like teddy bears or kitties or rainbows. Some like a tougher look – perhaps to make them feel better about their lack of it – and go with pirate skulls and crossbones.

But all show the same thing.

Submission. Obedience.

The experiment seems to be working. People begin to love their Diapers. And the opposite of love is well-known. Those who do not love Diapers – and hold out – are becoming the object of this opposite.

In overt ways – as by assault, which takes the form of being accosted/harangued about “your” Diaper – implying that everyone has one, implying it would be a kind of sin not to possess one. As by exclusion – the economic and social ghetto’ing of the Undiapered. As by the subtle but very real depressive effect created by the sight of all these submissives – who will not rest until everyone submits.

This means you.

It becomes unpleasant to enter a store even if the store doesn’t insist on donning the cultic cloth. The fact that everyone else has donned it out of ritual acclimatization makes one feel like a naked person at the Vatican.

We – the Undiapered – know as an intellectual matter that we’re sane and the rest of the country has gone off its rocker. That there has been an unprecedented, almost unimaginable concerted effort to terrorize the population, with the result being that half or more of the population is now in the same state of mind as Patty Hearst was after spending time in the care of the Symbionese Liberation Army (for those who remember; few remember such things anymore).

But it crawls on one’s soul nonetheless to have to be among these faceless freaks and contend internally with the dread realization that they are on the loose, have been conditioned to regard their psychosis as virtuous – and that there is almost nothing in law or custom anymore to prevent them from tearing you apart or trying to, the moment they feel emboldened enough to do so.

Which many already do – and have.

How do you stop a cattle stampede once it begins?

How do you get a person to stop wearing a Face Diaper who is convinced it is as necessary to wear one as it is to wear shoes?

It is no longer necessary to terrify people into wearing them. It’s becoming habit. Accepted.


The deaths are hardly mentioned anymore, because there aren’t many to mention. The latest CDC data concedes there may have been as few as 9,210 deaths – over the past eight months – attributable to Corona – as opposed to old age compounded by diabetes, morbid obesity, hypertension and the other maladies that end the lives of approximately 3 million people each year in this country.

Hardly a crisis.

Certainly not a justification for Universal Face Diapering – even if Universal Face Diapering served a palliative purpose, which – also per the CDC and “experts” as well as the facts, which no longer matter – they do not.

Even the cry of the past month or so – the cases! the cases! – is dying down.

Perhaps because it is no longer necessary.

The founder of another religious order, Ignatius Loyola, is reputed to have said something to the effect of, “Give me a child for the first eight years and he is mine for life.” The meaning is clear. Once conditioned, it is hard to break conditioning.

Something within the victim is damaged – forever.

The American people have been conditioned to accept submission; Diapering is merely the pathetically sad visual confirmation of their condition. They have been broken, in the manner of a dog – or better, perhaps, a steered calf. A veal calf – which will never even be allowed to stand on its rickety legs, deliberately rendered rickety, by chaining the animal down so that it never develops the strength to stand, much less run – or resist. It sits, passively, in its locked-down little enclosure, awaiting its inevitable fate.

Just as the Diapered await theirs. They will not object to the Needle. They will line up to get it. And they will rouse themselves to anger toward anyone who doesn’t – as they already express toward those who do not Diaper.

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