For those who might think a worse “lockdown” is coming this winter – here’s a good place to start for ideas.

A Checklist for the Undiapered

by Eric Peters

If you are a Diaper Dissenter – someone who refuses to efface his face to placate sickness psychotics – you may want to take care of necessary business now, while it is still possible to do so without effacing your face.

It is already a challenge to buy food and get other necessary items without donning the unnecessary (in terms of your health) Face Diaper. It is possible it will become impossible in less than two months from now. Whatever your political leanings, we have been promised a National Face Diaper Mandate by one of the political candidates. This NFDM could and probably will be enforced in the manner a similar mandate is already being enforced in Australia – with government stormtroopers who literally look like Imperial Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies.A Checklist for the Undiapered

They will be harder to ignore than signs on the door.

And there will be much more pressure – legal pressure – applied to Diaperless SpeakEasies that currently don’t ask – and won’t tell – if you walk in Undiapered.

Corona Karens are annoying; federal stormtroopers are scary.

So it’s a good time to get ready – preemptively.

Take care of necessary medical care right now, while you can still find a doctor – or a dentist – who will take care of you without degrading you. I am getting an old filing replaced – and a new crown installed – at a dental speakeasy next week so as to go into next month (and possibly, the many months thereafter)  not having to worry about an old filling falling out or my cracked tooth rotting out in my mouth because I cannot get either fixed without donning the Diaper and not improbably, accepting the “vaccine” – in air quotes to emphasize that no one knows what it will contain or what it will do, except perhaps Bill Gates and the Sexiest Man Alive.
A Checklist for the Undiapered

I figure that getting caught up on my dental issues will buy me at least a year and hopefully several years of not having dental problems and thus not needing the services of a dentist who may only treat me if I don the Diaper (and accept the Needle).

Which I won’t. But I’d like to not have my teeth rot out in the meanwhile.

I also figure it’s smart to spend the money now – before the money becomes worthless. Or digital – which can be disabled just like that, if you dissent – and not just from Diapering. A cashless society means a completely controlled society, at least insofar as what you are allowed to buy and sell.

Diaper Joe is all for that, too.

I also bought a year’s supply of toothpaste and floss and spare toothbrushes – to keep my teeth from needing dental care again, for awhile. I think toothpaste and floss and spare (new) toothbrushes are far more necessary than toilet paper since you can take care of that without toilet paper. But it’s hard to take care of your teeth when you can’t brush them or haven’t got anything to brush them with (that’s effective).

Don’t let this slide. Rotting teeth do more than just hurt. They can kill you – a lot more effectively than the WuFlu.

Have all your vehicles serviced, too – if you are unable to service them yourself. If you service them yourself, get the parts you’ll need to service them now – before you’re required to wear a Diaper (and get a Needle) in order to get them.

Also a supply of new clothes – as you may not be able to get new clothes without being given (and made to wear) a Diaper in a few months from now. Warm clothes are important, including socks and gloves.A Checklist for the Undiapered

Food, obviously. But also the means to make more food – without having to buy it.  This means seeds – to grow your own food. And the other things you’ll need to do that, such as the tools and maybe even a greenhouse (indoor or out; it is very doable to grow enough food inside a house or apartment to keep you fed or at least, alive and you can grow indoor all year long).

If you have a little land – or even a backyard, four or five chickens will provide several fresh eggs every day.

Buy books. Not Kindle or electronic. Hard copy books that you’ll still be able to read even if the power goes out – and the Internet goes down. For yourself and your kids, if you have them.

Fuel – to cook food and keep warm. Fuel not under their control – which they can turn off (as they have already threatened to do and actually have done in some cases). If you have a fireplace, get enough firewood to last one hard winter, which will be at least 2-3 full cords. Buy it with the money you have now, which may soon not buy much. If you haven’t got a portable gas grille – 4th of July barbecue-style – get one now. They are on sale – it being the end of summer. And you can cook on it all winter using not-much propane. A small camp stove that burns multiple fuels (e.g., Coleman, unleaded regular) is also a very good idea.

Most of all, get some Undiapered friends.

People in your neighborhood, ideally – who are also sane and unwilling to submit to insanity. Such people are good to have around in any case but having them around may be key to surviving what may be coming.

Because of what’s possibly just a few weeks ahead – and coming fast.

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