The love of Supermarket Shopping

No matter where you live, whether it’s along the NJ Route 22 corridor – or anywhere else in the country – supermarkets (i.e., “grocery stores” as they were commonly referred to as in the past), are an important part of almost everyone’s lives.

We here at have a particular liking for the phenomenon called the supermarket. We find them all very fascinating in their own unique ways. For what is considered a mundane errand for most people, we treat each visit with excitement and eagerness to observe and explore.

It’s just a place to procure food. What’s so great about them?

If you frame it in a simple and ordinary way, sure – supermarkets in NJ are nothing special. They sell mostly food as well as other essential products. A practical and necessary collection of items for sale (i.e., an exchange of monetary units for things you bring home to use.)

And I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of shoppers in and around the coverage area probably have one, or maybe two core supermarkets they regularly frequent 90% of the time. One way to frame that is human routine, which we think plays a huge role.

It is also that way because of the nagging limits we say we all have. Time.

Most people usually pick one of the closest supermarkets to their homes. That’s why less than spectacular places can stay in business. Plus, by frequenting the same one or two locations routinely over time, one becomes an expert at all the nuances, sales, and product locations.

Note: Online shopping has changed the landscape

We mentioned that online retailer Boxed yesterday. I can see how the rise of ease and convenience has kept many people out of the supermarkets.

You know, because who wants to cut into their binge-watching time?

Making a game of supermarket shopping

With a little patience, creativity, and open-mindedness, supermarket shopping can, in fact, be fun and challenging as well.

  • Discipline and saving money. We posted about Coupon Angels the other day. People who leave coupons for others to use. Fun little treasure hunt! Also, going food shopping can be a good test of character and self-control (especially if you’re hungry). We often purposely tempt ourselves by checking out things we really shouldn’t buy. We gain satisfaction by overcoming the desire to acquire. Feels good!
    The love of Supermarket Shopping

    Control temptation – look, but do not buy!

  • People watching. We truly enjoy seeing the whole scene. During slow times. Hectic times. Comparing the demographics depending on the day of the week, and so on. There are so many different kinds of people. Some shop fast. Some take the time to inspect their goods. Others are lonely. Sometimes a whole handful of a family and kids. The whole spectrum is different every time. Which prevents it from becoming mundane (if you step outside of your own self-centered world for a moment).
  • Cart observations. By looking at what other people are buying, you can tell a lot about them. Like if they have a family, and what their preferences are. That is similar to what psychics do – pick up on external clues. Another interesting thing to do is compare their physical health to what is in their cart. Might offer some tips on what to avoid yourself! You can also tell a lot about a person’s financial standing as well. Do they use coupons? Are they buying expensive items? Only organic? Some folks have the luxury of not caring how much it costs.
  • Sprint & Race! Even for those who hate going to the store, you can still make a game of it. See how fast you can get your errands done! Track your results, and become a pro at expedient shopping.

Make the best of supermarkets (and the rest of your life)

You only have one life. So it’s probably best to find some way to discover the silver lining of every situation, including mundane tasks like supermarkets.

That’s what we did, and we turned it into something we enjoy doing.

Because if you take the time to see the good – almost nothing is a chore!

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