As we chronicle the two-dozen ShopRite Supermarkets that are within the coverage area – today, we take a look at one of the rare “independently owned” locations.

ShopRite of Hillside, NJ is the furthest east for our purposes – and owned by one single family. The Smutkho Family. This is the only ShopRite they own!

Shoprite of Hillside NJ-2

If you look at our ShopRite of Chester, NJ post – we touched briefly on the other conglomerates that own many ShopRites. Often, with over a billion dollars in annual sales!

And you can clearly see the difference.

The ShopRite of Hillside, NJ definitely has a “throwback” feel. Almost to the 70’s or 80’s, even though most of the food sold is identical to any other ShopRite.

But there are exceptions – as almost any supermarket caters to their core audience. As an example – the Hillside store has prepared empanadas and fried turkey wings – rarely seen in other ShopRites.

Shoprite of Hillside NJ-4

And some prices seem to be lower, due to the economic health of this area. No Kings or Whole Foods supermarket would survive here.

Overall – this is outside of our convenience zone, but we had to check it out since is on Route 22. But they seem to serve the community perfectly! Unfortunately – we cannot add much more to this post, as we just visited and are not regulars. Some online reviews suggested that congestion and long lines were problematic during peak times, but that is understandable.

You can call them at (908) 810-4662 if you need specific information!

Shoprite of Hillside NJ-3

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