Scotti’s Record Shop of Summit, NJ

Last year, one of the better NJ record shops got booted out of the Phillipsburg Mall – and that was Spin Me Round. They quickly relocated to Easton, PA – which makes it less of an option for many NJ residents.

But Scotti’s Record Shop over in Summit, NJ is still around and doesn’t have to deal with a fledgling shopping mall.

Scotti's Record Shop of Summit, NJ

Here’s what Scotti’s Record Shop has to say about themselves:

“Since 1956 we have stocked current and classic titles from rock to jazz and every genre in between. Scotti’s Record Shop of Summit is committed to a clean and professional experience for all your recorded music needs. Vinyl records, LPs, 45s, Turntables, Cleaners, Receivers, Speakers, CDs, and some 78s. Also Rock T-shirts, Books, Posters, Vintage Memorabilia, and recycled vinyl crafts. Our motto often is “all things vinyl”.”

We have to say we’re a bit indifferent about vinyl and records. While we grew up with records and loved our Technics turntables – we also enjoy our digital music as well. We’re not picking sides here (no pun intended.)

It’s just that we’ve chosen not to be fanatical about it.

Scotti’s Record Shop – Map, phone, hours

Address: 351 Springfield Ave., Summit, NJ 07901
Phone: 908-277-3893
Hours: Open 7 days a week 10am to 6pm (but closes 8pm Thursday & Friday, 5pm on Saturday, 4:30pm on Sunday)

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