Off the beaten path slightly from the coverage area (and well worth visiting) is Paxson Hill Farm.

It’s about 20 minutes southwest of Flemington, NJ (if you drive the speed limit).

More specifically – we’ll talk about an annual event they have called Paxson Hill Farm Art in The Garden.

We went earlier this month to the 19th Annual Art in The Garden. And we were pleasantly surprised.

Paxson Hill Art in The Garden – vendors and beautiful landscape

Over 80 area artists attend this annual event with a backdrop of beautiful gardens in New Hope, PA (see map at the bottom). It’s just over the (free) bridge from Stockton, NJ.

Various tent galleries spread out throughout the gardens play host to some well-honed artists who display their paintings, pottery, jewelry, tile-work, and much more. We picked up a beautiful Christmas-themed framed painting – as well as some other smaller items.

They also had a couple food trucks on hand – who ended up running out of cold water before the end of this particularly hot late summer day – so planning to bring a cooler with some hydration would be a sign of someone who likes being prepared.

Even if you don’t have a big budget for art – the trip and tour of the gardens are worth it.

What we like about events like Paxson Hill Farm Art in the Park

In today’s super-crowded world – temporarily leaving the densest state in the nation to experience quieter venues with plenty of elbow room (like tranquil events like the Tewksbury Flea Market) are a breath of fresh air (literally).

We’re not discouraged by a little bit driving. As long as it’s country driving, and not towards major metropolitan areas like NYC. Two different animals for sure, and your preferences may vary. There are still many people who thrive in the hustle and bustle, and love commotion. While others quite understandably appreciate de-pressurizing.

There are other profound benefits for getting out of dodge regularly – some of which we’ll show you in the coming week or two.

All in all, we had a fine time despite the heat, and think events like this are well worth finding. We discovered this “organically” (word of mouth) via a vendor at one of the other area festivals (I think Tinicum) – and not via some commercial marketing. This is how we like rolling. The more natural way.

About Paxson Hill Farm

A 32-acre property in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The farm is home to a plant nursery, animals and beautiful gardens. The nursery grows various rare and exotic perennials, annuals and trees.

Paxson Hill Farm has grown into one of the area’s most unique and beautiful places to visit in Bucks County. Our gardens include shade gardens, formal gardens, ponds, bell garden, a place we call “never-never land” and there are always more unique gardens projects underway. Many pleasant surprises await the lucky visitor around each bend. Bring your curiosity and sense of adventure, you will leave with a smile and glow in your heart!

They’re open March through Christmas Eve (I think they sell Xmas trees too). Touring the property during the art event is free ($2 per car parking charge), and a nominal $5 per person charge all other times.

The next festival takes place the weekend of Saturday, August 31, 2019 and Sunday, September 1, 2019 from 10am to 4pm.

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