Review: Two Robbers Craft Hard Seltzer {VLOG}

Oh boy – another contender in the spiked seltzer arena: Two Robbers.

We discovered these back in September. Six-pack cans of “craft” hard seltzer available in three flavors:

  • Pineapple Ginger
  • Orange Mango
  • Watermelon Cucumber

Upon inspection – they seemed like they had promise: 5.2% alcohol looked like a sweet spot for us. Higher than most others, but not too high, like brands such as Svedka.

We tried all the flavors.

How did the Two Robbers Craft Hard Seltzers fare?

Well – our first try was not a good sign. The Pineapple Ginger.

Tasting a sip straight from the can was met with a grimacing face.

The taste was just not enjoyable. Odd, and without description. Didn’t taste anything like either ingredient. Luckily for us – we dilute and add other flavors.

While not impossible to finish – it was one of our least favorite spiked seltzers in recent memory.

Then – we tried the Orange Mango.
Much better! Actually had a decent flavor. We might incorporate these into our rotation sporadically.

Finally, the Watermelon Cucumber.
We understand why companies are adding cucumber flavor to their “subtly-flavored” drinks. Because this is often one of those “lightly-flavored” beverages often served in places like spas and high-end luxury establishments. But this was just “okay.” 2nd Place out of the three.

In the end – we do like the fact that Two Robbers has zero sweeteners of any kind. That may become more important down the line as we might strive to eliminate all sweet tastes from our diet. But Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers don’t either (at least that is what we can tell.)

Time will tell.

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