Finding a reliable, sensibly-priced barber for men in New Jersey is a bit tricky. Especially for ones that can perform the old-fashioned “neck shave” with a real razor.

Many of the newest barbers are what we consider “trendy.” By that, we mean that new “pseudo-man” style. It usually consists of a robust beard as well as prominent tattoos. Along with skinny jeans, which is an unusual pairing to an otherwise “manly” look. We scratch our heads. But no one is forcing a style on anyone!

Anyway, the Klean Kutz barber over in Bridgewater seems to be just your ordinary barber shop. While they do cater to anyone’s hairstyle, they don’t seem to harp on any particular “trend,” which is nice.

Klean Kutz Barber Shop of Bridgewater, NJ

We were desperately in need of a “clean up,” and visited a few weeks ago. Pat helped us.

He gave a very nice cleanup, as well as a proficient neck shave.

While Klean Kutz isn’t your “old school” barber pole place (they have younger barbers), they are still very qualified to do the job. Skill is a skill, regardless of age.

We’ll keep Klean Kutz on our shortlist of top-rated barbers in New Jersey. We’re still in the hunt for more shops that meet our requirements. It’s good to have vetted shops across the state – “just in case” you’re in the neighborhood and need a cut. Note that they have FOUR locations across central NJ.

They’re closed Sundays and Mondays – and have decent hours for a barber.

Klean Kutz Barber Shop of Bridgewater, NJ

We’ll be back again!

Klean Kutz Barber Shop of Bridgewater, NJ

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