Last weekend, we attended the 2018 Tinicum Arts Festival in Tinicum Township, PA.

It’s not too far off the beaten path of Route 22, generally about a half hour away from most areas west of Route 287.

What is the Tinicum Arts Festival anyway?

Well, it’s a two-day outdoor event in which the primary focus is the over 100 artists and “crafters,” who have on display items they created and which you can purchase to take home.

The main reason this event exists is to support the Tinicum Civic Association which uses money raised to support the local community in various ways.

In addition to the wares for sale – there is live entertainment, food, and other exhibits. Everything from a guy walking around with a monkey, to caricature artists, and other informational kiosks, etc.

It’s held in a gorgeous shaded space in Tinicum Park (see map below).

Why we like the Tinicum Arts Festival

For one, the locale alone is worth the visit. It’s nothing ground-breaking so to say, but there is something about this space that is quite calming. Never feels overwhelming at all.

Additionally, this event feels genuine. All the artists and vendors are for real. From passionate clothing designers like Paige Sullivan of Christine Shirley Designs to hard-working culinary creators like Scott Duncan of Offbeat Gourmet. There is next to nothing “commercial” about this arts festival. All real, hard-working folks following their dreams.

Especially compared to some other kinds of festivals such as the Readington Balloon Festival – which is almost entirely commercial and superficial.

Some suggestions for the Tinicum Arts Festival

While we feel that this is next to the perfect arts festival – we think there are at least a couple things they can do to make it even better.

1. More food and beverage options. Depending on the weather, it could get really hot out there! Stationing more drink options in various areas of the festival would be awesome.

2. Why is this event “dry?” I wonder why they don’t have a beer garden or something similar? Is it because it’s a “wholesome” event? I’m sure that some folks who make a day or two of it – might enjoy a cold frosty one. Who knows.

3. MORE! This event is only two days a year. Some folks might be on vacation, or be too busy to attend. It’d be nice if they ran this event maybe twice a year? I wonder if they’ve considered that.

Anyway – we highly recommend this festival and try to visit every year. It costs $7 per adult – and $1 for kids over 6.

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