Organic milk is very costly compared to “traditional milk.” Many discerning customers these days are demanding it. But the cost is typically at least double that of “regular” milk – and sometimes as much as three times as much (especially at expensive places such as Kings or Whole Foods.)

But saving money and finding the best deal – still applies to even more expensive things.

Note: Be wary of “organic” in general

We published an article the other day about how – just because the mere “words” ORGANIC are on a box or package – does NOT guarantee that what is inside is exactly that.

Since big companies have essentially corrupted the industry – it’s next to impossible to blindly trust the labels on the box. Some reports suggest that 70% or more of the so-called “organic” products FAIL to meet those “standards.” In other words – you’re getting the same crap – but just getting suckered into paying a TON more.

Organic Watchdog Groups

But there are still VERY GOOD organic companies out there. What I suggest you do is head over to the website and browse around. They rate all the major companies – and you’ll see that the options are slim for truly transparent and quality organic companies.

You should bookmark and subscribe to that site for regular updates.

Kings Organic Milk is a good value

We don’t know where Kings stands regarding their “house brand” of organic milk. However, in terms of price – they’re very competitive. Over $1 less per half gallon than the cheapest price for other “name brands.”

Note that ShopRite also sells their house-brand organic milk for a similar price.

The lowest price overall is ALDI – which is under $3 per half-gallon, but received low ratings from Cornucopia.

What are the best Organic Milk Brands?

The number one (widely available) Organic Milk brand is apparently Maple Hill Creamery. Top scores across the board. Also quite costly – at $5.99 per half gallon.

Also scoring respectably are Amish Farms, Organic Valley and Stonyfield.

The rest leave a lot to be desired.

If it were up to us entirely – we’d find a local dairy farmer and take it from there.

But it’s surprising to see Kings have anything that’s “regularly priced” that is even remotely competitive – so that is why we brought it up today!

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