How to run a successful Deli in NJ {VLOG}

Successful deli’s in New Jersey

When you observe how successful deli operations work in NJ – you realize how simple it really is. But it comes down to execution.

From what we’ve gathered – the blueprint is simple:

  • Open early (6am or before) – and have decent closing hours remembering some folks have late lunches!
  • Serve breakfast all day (how hard is that when you have a grill on the whole time?)
  • Hire (and retain) friendly staff (KEY!)
  • Remember your regulars (make them feel special and welcome)
  • Be good – consistently!
  • Cleanliness is a good sign of work ethic.

Everything else is fairly easy.

Most distributors provide much of the food you need – already prepared (salads, etc.)

The rest is just execution. Know how to make a good sandwich. Have a decent menu. Understand your customers. Make adjustments as necessary. Paying attention is a must!

You don’t even have to be open for dinner. However, some area demographics support dinner operations, and we’d recommend just opening for lunch and dinner instead of all three meals.

Hope you enjoyed today’s VLOG!

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