Hey obese people – it’s what you put in your mouth! SUGAR AND CARBS! {VLOG}

Obesity is simple – SUGAR AND CARBS!

We cannot for the life of us understand the “problem” with obesity. At least on a fundamental level.

The answer is simple in 99.9% of the cases that are not “genetic” or some other anomaly:


That is it. Nothing else to discuss, unless you want to split hairs and talk about other related, but not nearly as important topics.

It’s not about pleasing your taste buds – it’s about keeping your body healthy.

We could take 100 obese people in – and if we could keep them contained, and control what they ate 100% for one year – 99 out of 100 of them would no longer be obese.

The problem is – that hardly any obese people want it enough to put themselves in a “guaranteed” type solution.

But, it helps to understand how you got there!

Yes – it is easy to say “it’s your fault!” (Because you’re the one that put the food in your mouth and swallowed it!) But there are many things that can easily deceive everyone.

  • 90% of the food available is literally bad for you!
  • Bad marketing for decades (low-fat, healthy, etc., etc.)
  • Even worse – BAD science for decades. We’re even suspicious that it may have been BY DESIGN (for profit)

And to make things worse – these foods are powerfully ADDICTIVE. Tell any obese person to give up whatever it is that gives them “pleasure,” (sweets, breads, and all other junk) – and they will nearly PANIC at the thought of living without those “comforts” that have literally programmed them repetitively for a long time. Even if it means they can regain their vitality.

Why else do you think “lose weight fast!” shams exist everywhere? They all think miracle fixes are real – and quickly fall down again. NO ONE LOVES the aspect of hard work and effort anymore.

The bottom line is – the truth is out there

Finally – we’re certain that a clear majority of obese people KNOW how to do it (fix themselves).

We know one thing though, that people that previously suffered through TONS of other imperfect lifestyles (Keto, etc.) – all landed (and STAYED) on Carnivore quite successfully.

Many people think the carnivore lifestyle will NOT take off. But we think otherwise – for the simple fact that it WORKS and people REMAIN healthy and DO NOT “YO-YO” like all other “diet plans.”

It just may take a while.

(PS – this is why the “plant-based” crap is rolling out in FULL-FORCE. To try and impede the meat movement.)

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