More on narcissism – aren’t we all? {VLOG}

More on narcissism – aren’t we all? {VLOG}

We produced a video recently about Digital Narcissism. Basically how most “tech,” especially social media and games – are literally designed to tap into the human ego (for profit and control). We delve a bit deeper in today’s VLOG.

And how almost all heavy users of such technology most likely know very little of the mechanisms behind the racket. And if they do – voluntarily choose to continue despite being a pawn for the enrichment of others.

But we had some further thoughts about it.

We are all narcissistic (to a degree)

When you really slice it up – all human beings are “narcissistic” to some level. Or you can at least say “self-absorbed.”

  • We eat to keep ourselves alive.
  • We try to earn money to survive (homes) and to buy ourselves things.
  • Even most charitable people do things for personal recognition.
  • Most things people do in their spare time is for their own pleasure.

In fact – most things we do – we have our own self-interest in mind. “What does this mean to ME?”

Now whether we’re just within the realms of self-sufficiency and simple survival – or borderline psychopathy, sociopathy, or hard-core narcissism is another story.

One can easily justify all their actions by saying “Hey, we all die eventually – why not just do whatever we feel like doing?”

There is a line – really – and tech accelerates and amplifies it

My jab at tech (and the apps, social media, selfie, mini-celebrity) part was not without justification.

We still feel that this new era we’re in (technological revolution v5.0) – truly is a major paradigm shift in how humanity as a whole has progressed. And in VERY SHORT TIME as well.

The parameters have changed in many directions.

For instance – the bar for becoming “recognized” has been lowered almost all the way to the floor. Almost any human being can be that mini-celebrity to anyone. Regardless of looks or fortune. You just need to find your audience – and instant worldwide access has made that possible.

There are audiences for almost anything (with the exception of crude truth – which is what we speak, “LOL!”)

But at the same time – so many more people actually feel “obligated” to continue whatever it is they’re doing that gives them those dopamine hits. Whether it’s exaggerated selfies – or what. So their newfound “celebrity” in a way SHAPES what they do going forward. “Hey – if I hang off this balcony by my shoestrings and a Starbucks Frap – I’ll get WAY MORE “likes!”

Do you see what I mean?

Sure – similar dumb stunts happened for attention in the past – but at a small fraction of the instances as they do today. And to a much smaller audience as well.

My point is that the tech has artificially “enhanced” things to the point that perhaps humanity has no precedent. And there are benefactors to this new system everyone is participating in as well. That is what rubs us the wrong way almost more than what is happening to “us” as “a whole.” That there are cunning people KNOWINGLY moving these apparatuses forward with power and profit on their mind. “Screw what happens to human beings!”

One for the history books of the future, maybe.

Or perhaps this is a necessary step for all of us on Planet Earth to take – so we know how NOT to do things in down the line? “Success by failure?”

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