Sprayzee – all natural odor neutralizers {VLOG}

Sprayzee – all natural odor neutralizers {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we talk about a new product that we recently tried called Sprayzee Odor Neutralizers.

They have three main products.

  • Shoe Deodorizer
  • Toilet Deodorizer
  • Foot Deodorizer

We sampled the Shoe Deodorizer and the Toilet Deodorizer.


Do the Sprayzee products work?

The big claim with Sprayzee is that they’re all-natural (with no boogeyman in the room), and achieve their goals using organic enzymes to do the dirty work.

The Shoe Deodorizer works very well. But keep in mind this IMPORTANT caveat. The smell is ULTRA-POWERFUL. The scent is so strong – that it affected an entire floor of our home. Not a bad smell by any means. Just overwhelming beyond belief! We highly recommend you take your shoes to a garage or even OUTSIDE if possible.

The odor remedy worked fine, but your socks still have that strong (yet acceptable) scent. Just keep that in mind.

The toilet product was not nearly as strong. You’re supposed to spray it in the bowl prior to your “deposit.”

I’d say this technique of coating the water also worked quite well. We never thought of that method.

Anyway – here is what they say about their products:


…Admit it, things in your life can get pretty smelly. But bost odor-eliminating sprays you find in stores use harmful chemicals that are dangerous to your skin and even say so on their label (they even smell dangerous!).

Sprayzee, on the other hand, uses powerhouse all-natural ingredients such as natural stink-destroying enzymes and the highest grade essential oils to not only smell amazing but to eliminate odors by changing them at a molecular level.

Just one spray and you’ll see why Sprayzee is the most powerful odor eliminator in the world…and without a single drop of chemicals!

✅  Stink-Free Guarantee ↠ Don’t like it? Send it back for a full refund, no questions asked!
✅  Natural & Safe 🌿  | Made in The USA 🇺🇸   All Sprayzee products are 100% chemical-free, aluminum-free, and paraben-free and are manufactured in a USA FDA-approved facility that follows GMP practices.
✅  Eliminates Odors At The Source ↠ Sprayzee changes bad odors on a molecular level replacing them with the most heavenly fresh odors your nostrils will ever experience.
✅   Use On Anything!  You can use Sprayzee for virtually anything! Shoes, gear, pads, helmets, car, trash can, sink… Get crazy with Sprayzee! 🥾 🏈 🏒

Conclusion – Sprayzee hits all the right marks

In the end – we think the Sprayzee Odor eliminators do the job very well.

And score big points for all their “eco-conscious” objectives.

We feel there is a bit of a premium to pay for this all-natural way of tackling your goals. But the same is true for any “clean” way of doing things. You pay for what you get. And in this case, we suspect most people would say that it is worth it.


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