NJroute22.com Supermarket Roundup 9.21.2018

Presenting our weekly look at the various supermarket circulars for stores in the coverage area. This is for September 21, 2018.

Chicken and cantaloupes. Eggs and pumpkins. Not necessarily mixed together.

Reminder once again, that many supermarket sales start on Fridays – except ShopRite – which starts on Sundays.

Unlike most supermarket blogs and vlogs – we do not feel right spreading bad advice in accordance with the “Standard American Diet” (SAD). We don’t enjoy talking about worthless foods – regardless of how “good” it may taste to most people, or how “popular” they are in our culture. A supermarket is a dangerous place if you’re not armed with proper health facts. And I don’t mean by what the labels promise, or other emotional marketing techniques.

Follow us for a while to get a better understanding of what constitutes healthy eating.

Note that we typically cover only the markets we get circulars delivered to our home. But we always have a strong love for ALDI Food Market (for best price, value, and quality) as well as Wegmans Food Markets (for consistently good quality and top-notch organic) – but ALDI saves money by not delivering fliers – and Wegmans is usually monthly or longer – so we just make sporadic mentions of them. We’ll try and get these fliers into regular rotation eventually.

Anyway, that’s our supermarket VLOG for this week! See you next week for more.

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