NJroute22.com Supermarket Roundup 6.22.2018

Here we go with our weekly look at the various supermarket circulars for stores in the coverage area.

ShopRite supermarkets usually win the contest every week. Hard to eat intelligently when 90% of the food at all supermarkets is junk. Not just your usual junk food like chips or soda – but even seemingly “healthy” stuff is absolutely not healthy. The whole food industry is a complicated sham for the most part. The more layers you peel back, the more you realize how truly hard it is to avoid things like bad salt or sugar.

Have to clean the grill finally… long overdue. I keep reminding myself via this website – but that doesn’t turn into tangible actions. Such a shame!

Oh – and remember all supermarket sales start on Fridays – except ShopRite – which starts on Sundays.

Anyway, that’s our supermarket VLOG for this week! See you next week for more.

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