Today’s editorial post is about NJ drivers. Or drivers in general.

Why? Because in the area – you need to travel by car most of the time, so it’s entirely relevant.

We recently published a piece about The Rise of Apprehensive Drivers we’ve observed. You know, people who are so scared that they obey the speed limit signs so strictly, often afraid to even come within 10 mph of the limit! Like some draconian laser beam from the sky will turn them to dust!

This post expands on that concept to a degree.

What is our definition of “defiant?” {Hint: It’s not bad!}

independent defiantBefore we continue, I have to stress that what I mean by being defiant does not mean dangerous, reckless, or careless driving.

What I mean by being defiant is – using your own common sense and survival skills to determine the best course of action, NOT some one-size-fits-all law that was decreed by hypocritical “lawmakers.” In other words, living by your own set of rules as decreed by yourself.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Why so many compliant and frightened drivers?

I realized quite clearly, that it’s not only about the speed limit that is coercing drivers to “behave” like obedient sheep.

It’s ALL so-called “laws” of the land.

And for the purpose of this post (and simplicity), the examples we’ll cite today are:

  • Turn signals
  • The “Move Over Law.”
  • Stop signs

I’ll augment each topic with how we handle the particular circumstance versus how we’ve observed the majority of others who have been conditioned to behave alternatively.

Turn signals

  • How we do it: We consider turn signals as “courtesy lights” when the current or future actions of others might be impacted. We’ll happily use them in dense traffic on a multi-lane road or at an intersection. No sweat. But that’s about the only time! Signaling when no one is around, or there is more than enough space or time between you and the next nearest object of relevance is unnecessary!
  • How most others handle it: Pretty much most other people signal their every single solitary move. I’ve seen homeowners actually SIGNAL OUTSIDE OF THEIR OWN DRIVEWAY! What does that tell you? That they’ve been fully conditioned to be obedient.

Conclusion / Practice: Use your mind and common sense to dictate whether you’re doing something because you were told to do so – or if it is prudent for you to do so.

The “Move Over Law.”

  • How we see it / do it: The “move over law” is relatively new. Not sure how many years, but they’ve been yammering about it for the past five years big time. The concept is to get out of whatever lane (left or right) adjacent to where an “emergency worker” (i.e., taxpayer-funded) has decided to situate themselves. Only “emergency” workers. Not a spare tire change from a citizen. Not tree contractors. Only government employees.

    However, if you think about this for more than three seconds, before this law was passed, no one moved over. THAT IS WHY THE DAMN SHOULDERS WERE CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE! When did shoulders become not be good enough? Oh yeah, I know. Because a police officer (i.e., armed enforcer of the law) was tragically killed. So they passed a band-aid law in order to give the gang that writes the law another reason to extract monetary units from unsuspecting citizens (via the threat of physical force or caging.) Never let a crisis go to waste! We don’t drive like maniacs, but we certainly do not feel all nervous if a cop or other emergency vehicle is on the shoulder. We will not change the way we drive because of this relatively new law. To our demise, most other people DO indeed alter the flow of traffic, so we’re at the mercy of others around us.

  • How most others handle it: We drive on major highways in NJ thousands of miles per month. I can attest that the adoption rate for the “move over law” is probably at the 80% level today. Maybe more. Tons of people so “scared” to be in the lane next to the “emergency worker” (armed thug most of the time), that they ACTUALLY CREATE DANGEROUS CONDITIONS due to their narcissistic fright. “I don’t want a ticket, let me endanger and inconvenience someone else ASAP!” The stupid, it burns.

Conclusion / Practice: Try to pretend the “move over law” doesn’t exist. That’s what we do. But be aware, they may even have traps to siphon money from you. Cui Bono? Just remember, that this “topic” (i.e., “law”) is NEW. They essentially created a brand-new “mindset” for all of us to consider (and be afraid of). SUCKS TO HIGH HELL.

Stop Signs

stop sign NJ route 22

  • How we do it: This is a bit more of a fringe topic, as the practicality varies widely depending on where you live. In an urban or suburban environment, stop signs are indeed okay to keep the order and peace in line (as well as damage to a minimum). However, there are places out there where you can see clearly in every direction – and stopping simply isn’t necessary. We have several two, three, or four-way intersections in our neck of the woods – that we frequently either blow or do a “rolling stop,” because we can see a long way in all directions. Stopping because the metal sign says so – is just dumb, and further cementing your role as an obedient member of society.
  • How most others handle it: Like we just concluded, most people will not use their own judgment if it is safe to proceed or not UNTIL they have “come to a complete stop,” as big brother told them to do. What does that tell you about someone’s character? Would you trust them with something valuable? Maybe. But would you trust them to think outside the box, or in an unpredictable situation? Not really, because they “weren’t told what to do.” Probably don’t want them on your team if SHTF ever in our future!

Conclusion / Practice: Acknowledge the signs, and proceed at your own risk always. Repetition adds value. So does turning off your phone and focusing on your multi-thousand pound vehicle capable of causing immediate death.

But what about “safety?”

I can believe that some folks might be upset that we suggested that running stop signs is a good thing. They probably think about the “what if’s” in this world.

Like what if a child is riding a bike?

Or what if a jogger is along the side of the road?

Well – that is the difference between an alert driver and one who is on the phone or texting something.

We care about our survival (from a physical as well as emotional standpoint). And never want to cause harm for anyone.

So how we operate our vehicles is highly dependent on both our experience in an area. (I.e., we’d never go blazing through an area for the first time – just plain dumb, until you “know the lay of the land.”)

Over time, you begin to understand areas via repetition. And that changes our driving habits. We’ve never hurt a single soul. In fact, we still are batting .000 when it comes to deer. Knock on wood!

What is causing frightened, incapable, People?

I could write a 5,000-word piece about our theories in regards to the cause of the worrisome phenomenon of brainwashed members of society.

Some of our rough guesses lead us towards various propaganda pieces. Such as television, radio, news, social media, and other outlets where messages get repeated over and over and over, ad infinitum.

On the surface, they almost always seem innocuous. Take a massive step back and analyze over time, you can see the gradient of change. It’s phenomenal.

You can also examine how the school systems have changed their curriculum over the past five decades to learn more as well.

It’s a wide web, with many crossroads of possibilities. And also an amazing fault of humanity as a species. While they’ve talked about “great minds” in the course of our history, it is apparent that the mind is also easily susceptible to control and influence as well. Fascinating, indeed!

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