Pelican Swim & Ski Center – Whitehouse, NJ

Have you ever frequented one of those seasonal recreational stores? You know, the ones that change their product line depending on the time of year? Pelican Swim & Ski Center at 3555 ROUTE 22 in Whitehouse, NJ is one of them.

They go from winter items (mainly skiing and snowboarding equipment and accessories) to summer items (pools, spas, furniture, and grills) – and vice versa like clockwork twice a year.

And Pelican (under the parent name “Pelican Shops”), has a total of four independently-owned locations in NJ and PA. (The other three are in Morris Plains and East Brunswick, NJ – and Quakertown, PA).

Why we dig Pelican

For one, we like the fact they’re a locally-owned business – and not a mega-chain. Despite still selling stuff like patio furniture that is made in China (next to impossible to get domestic-made, without paying 2x to 3x the price, by the way).

And this is one of those rare places that have career employees (sort of the way the Flemington Department Store works as well). They take care of their employees, which is practically unheard of in today’s business culture. This is evident by the level of attention and competence they exhibit (a great guy named Jose Batista helped us recently. A class act!)

Plus, they have things that people want and need for their leisure activities around here!

A little blurb “about” Pelican:

About Pelican Shops

“For over 47 years, Pelican has built their reputation one customer at a time. Folks know that no other company works as hard to keep prices low, keep quality high, and deliver the goods FAST!

The Company started simply in a small building in rural Whitehouse, NJ.  Over the years, thru hard work and great service, the business grew and so did the building.  Today, the original Pelican in Whitehouse NJ is over 30,000 Square Feet.  Plus, there are another 4 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  And let’s not forget one of Pelican’s Founding Members can still be found working part-time at the original location!

Pelican is family-owned and operated.  We take great pride in our long history and our exceptional, conscientious staff, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.  We know our products and what good customer service really means!

We are always expanding our products to meet your needs and trying to improve our service.”

You can get in touch with them by calling (908) 534-2534.

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