First Step for Troubleshooting Kids Toys

Today, we’re going to show you the very first step for troubleshooting kids toys.

A lot of parents will quickly discard their kid’s toys if they’re not working properly. They’ll inaccurately assume they’re broken beyond repair.

Most people do not have the mindset to diagnose what is wrong.

Furthermore, they certainly do not have the skills to FIX the problem (i.e., wiring, electronics, soldering, etc.)

A cheap $10 or $20 toy is easier to replace than FIXING for almost every person in America.

That is –

First Step for Troubleshooting Kids Toys

The video above was intended to be a true “fix.” We assumed the worst. That the toy was indeed broken. It’s a healthy mindset to be ready to fix something if necessary.

So we went through the logical steps first.

And those steps (just like a computer, i.e., “reboot”) are to start with the easiest first.

Those steps are:
0. What is the problem? (Not working as usual, no power, etc.)
1. Put fresh batteries in.
2. Does that solve the problem?
2a. Yes? Hooray! Problem solved!
2b. No? Bummer. See step 3.
3. Disassemble product.
3a. Examine, look for problems.
3b. Identify fault.
4. Try to Fix fault.
4a. Fixable – hooray!
4b. Not fixable – trash it (or contact manufacturer, etc.)

Batteries are often the culprit

In this stupid spinning hamburger toy, the issue was not obvious.

The lights and sound of the toy worked fine (over and over, thanks a lot, kids). But the fruity burger didn’t spin.

We originally thought the motor was either disconnected or burnt out. It was a plausible scenario. Was ready to disassemble and fix.

But the first step (see above) is always to try fresh batteries to eliminate that as part of the “process of elimination.”

Thankfully the fresh batteries did the trick. It was NOT a bad wiring situation or burnt motor.

What a relief.

Always try fresh batteries before you rush to judgment.

Same thing can apply to life as well. Sort of what they mean when they say “sleep on it.” The outcome can be different if the batteries are juiced up.

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