Alcohol and diet during the crisis? {VLOG}

Alcohol and diet during the crisis? {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we revisit how we’re doing with our low-carb / Carnivore diet during the crisis.

Specifically, alcohol consumption.

In a previous VLOG – we mentioned that we had been experimenting with the abstention of alcohol to see the effects on our body.

In short, we concluded that – despite our almost annual collection of statistics – that alcohol consumption didn’t appear to have a major effect on us.

In fact – it seemed possible that we had better progress with moderate consumption compared to less.

But what about MORE consumption?

It appears – in our observations at least – that almost non-stop alcohol may be detrimental to overall weight.

Since this crisis began – we have maybe taken two or three days off. Which is very poor compared to our usual bad stints.

We normally hit our annual low weight towards the end of September – and we’re about 10lbs. off that now.

The only thing that has changed is the amount of alcohol we drink. Our diets have been otherwise rock-solid the entire year.

So maybe it’s time to cut back once again?

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