Pet Hotel Best Friends is a chain of pet care facilities that has over 30 locations in 16 states in America. They have four other locations in New Jersey, including one on Route 22 in North Plainfield. We’re not sure if they’re keeping that location in addition, or if this is just an expanded re-location. Their website seems to allude that the Green Brook locations will be their new location.

But pet care and boarding is a big industry for sure, as people love their pets – regardless of the “overhead” required to keep them in their lives (we have five dogs of our own, and understand!), the demand for these facilities appears to be growing nationwide.

This is the current Best Friends Pet Hotel location in North Plainfield, NJ

Here is what they have to say:

About Best Friends Pet Hotel

“Since 1995, we’ve been raising the bar for what pet care facilities should be. All Best Friends centers offer individual suites that are clean and climate-controlled, with premium food, bedding and an extensive menu of custom activities and services available.

When you can’t be there, we provide a caring place for your pet to stay, play and be amongst friends.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a pug, parrot or pocket pig, we’re the village you need to help care for them. We offer boarding, doggy day camp, training and grooming at more than 30 locations nationwide.

At Best Friends, we know your pet isn’t just another dog, cat or gerbil. That’s why customization is such a big part of our experience. We take the time to get to know your pet’s unique preferences and work with you to design the perfect stay for them.”

Divisive reviews for Best Friends Pet Hotel

We’ve used various pet boarding facilities over the years. Including several PetSmart locations as well as Pet Spa & Resort over in Franklin. Never really had a “bad” experience.

However, and as you’d expect with operations like these – they’re very much “love or hate.”

Best Friends Pet Hotel seems to get that kind of review. Most service industries run into that problem. Many people love them, and many others give them “one-star” reviews. Usually, because their dogs get the runs or something like that. We think that is normal – especially when dogs encounter countless “new” dogs. They sniff and lick non-stop. Having pack animals is a risky situation, even if you have the best-trained staff.

Looking at Best Friends Pet Hotel’s website – they appear to be a well-intentioned company. The marketing and words are carefully chosen to attract customers, as you might expect. But one must consider what happens to quality control as businesses expand. It’s inevitable that the more people that work there, it becomes a bit harder to be perfect. Walk into any large chain such as Walmart to understand.

But we will consider Best Friends Pet Hotel for our future dog boarding needs. If they fit the bill – no harm in trying, right?

Best Friends Pet Hotel of Green Brook, NJ

Address: 310 US-22, Green Brook Township, NJ 08812
Phone: TBD

The new Green Brook location for Best Friends Pet Hotel on Route 22.

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