We always thought that people gravitated towards the best overall “value” with pretty much anything. But it appears that the “market forces” when it comes to supermarkets don’t necessarily translate well. For instance, why are some ALDI Food Markets deserted? Same holds true for some LIDL markets – like the LIDL of Easton, PA.

Why are some ALDI supermarkets deserted?

Supermarkets have hardcore followers?

One theory we have is that there are two basic kinds of supermarket shopper.

  • The “professional” type, who know the stores they frequent inside and out. They have coupons, shopping cards and study the fliers. They often stick to one place.
  • “Convenience” only type. The family that JUST shops at the CLOSEST store to their home. Or picks things up “on the way.” Whatever is less out of the way.

Of course, there are some people that just don’t care. Or don’t go to supermarkets at all. But it’s possible loyalty to supermarkets is a lot stronger than other types of stores.

Do Crowded Markets play a role?

And by crowded, we don’t mean the supermarkets themselves, but rather how many supermarkets are in the same general area.

We got the feeling that the LIDL in Easton, PA entered a very competitive market. With places like ALDI, GIANT, ShopRite, and Wegmans all nearby.

Some folks just can’t handle change like we collectively used to be able to.

Is ALDI too low-scale for some?

Depending on the demographic – stores like ALDI and LIDL do quite well. People like to stretch their dollars as far as possible.

It’s possible that depending on the area, that the “low-end” stores are just beneath some folks? Or do they just not understand?

And don’t all areas have people that like saving money?

Why are some ALDI supermarkets deserted?

Brands are that powerful?

Another theory we have is that people are too dumb to realize that “brand names” aren’t necessarily all that. Or they just cannot even recognize anything BUT brand names.

But places like ALDI and LIDL have excellent “house brand” products. Most often BETTER and CHEAPER than the name brands.

Are the brand names so popular that folks wouldn’t even want to TRY something else to save a few bucks?

Double-edged sword (an unpopular store)

We know that these stores aren’t “suffering” by any means (although places like Stop & Shop might be). But they certainly can handle a lot more volume.

While we like the stress-free shopping experience at these stores like ALDI and LIDL – we have to be careful about what we wish for.

Because of the stores that don’t pull their weight, it’s not out of the question that the companies would close them down if they don’t perform to expectations.

And we wouldn’t be too happy with that.

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