How to get your “news” of the world {VLOG}

“News” fascinates us. And how it affects the world. Not just the actual events that may or may not be happening, but also how the population reacts to it. Possibly even gets shaped by it.

In today’s VLOG – we explore what we feel is happening, as well as how we do it – and how everyone can absolutely do it much better.

The topics of the “news” usually boil down to the following:

  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Consumerism
  • Health news
  • FEAR
  • Weather
  • Societal issues (rights, equality, crime, injustices)

How to stay in the loop?

Simple – we won’t waste your time. Use an RSS reader to aggregate your own “timeline” of a select few sources (pick both ones you agree and disagree with). You’d be surprised how two different sides tell two different stories. Even what is considered “urgent.” Just DO NOT waste your time getting into the supposed “nitty-gritty” of most stories. Bogus. It’s a trap to keep your eye off the main event(s).

Do you need to stay in the loop?

Yes – to a degree. And that is just having a basic idea of what the rest of the morons are talking about or getting unnecessarily angry over.

It’s also prudent to observe and identify trends – and how they affect society as a whole – and how they might one day impact you. Like environmental issues, gender stuff, and even the very words we’re supposedly protected to say according to some document called “The Constitution.”

Eroding rights – excessive laws, bans, fines, taxes. Good to know the general direction your local, county, and state “governments” are taking us. It may be important at some point in the future to get a bit involved with politics. But for now – you can be more impactful with where and how you spend your money.

In the end – better off spending your time for you and your family. And that typically doesn’t involve withering away into a blubbery blob on your cushy sofa getting brainwashed, either.

Enjoy your day!

About the author


NJroute22 (site admin) is an avid traveler along NJ Route 22 (and almost all of central New Jersey!) Family man, pet lover, and property owner who has a natural curiosity for everything around.