We’re avid tea-drinkers here at NJroute22.com. At least eight bags a day, sometimes 12, 16, or even 20 bags!

At that rate of consumption – you can accurately guess that we’re not using super-expensive or “exclusive” specialty teas with some claim no one can ever verify. We usually aim for the best overall value. But good “flavored” teas still cost substantially more than “plain old” black tea.

What are the best tea bag values in NJ?

Combo Teas are our favorite!

We have a simple system for our tea making. For one, we almost never drink hot tea (one exception – Egyptian Licorice Tea from Yogi – perfect for cold winter nights!)

All of our tea concoctions are of the “iced” variety.

The premise is basic.
(1) 32oz Ball Jar.
(2) Black tea bags, (the base) mixed with
(2) Other tea flavors (varies all the time)

We like this method because we get the “caffeine kick” of black tea, “infused” with some other flavor – whatever we’re feeling at the moment.

Currently in rotation are Yogi Teas. After trying almost every variety out there – we can say that Yogi is our number one favorite “flavored” tea. Hands down. Not even worth trying the other brands anymore. We just don’t get the same enjoyment out of them.

The flavors of the month are:

  • Tulsi Berry
  • Egyptian Licorice
  • Tangerine Positive Energy
  • Berry Detox

What are the best tea bag values in NJ?

We typically mix two flavors in. Rarely would we use two of the same flavor Yogi teas mixed with the black tea. Tulsi is good for the winter because it’s one of the rare teas that contain Elderberry Root.

Our usual spot for Yogi Tea is at Ocean State Job Lot. They have good prices which are usually lower than places like Shoprite. However, supermarkets do run better sales periodically, and we will stock up accordingly when the price gets better.

Anyway – that’s not the point. We wanted to talk about the best BLACK tea values!

What are the best tea bag values in NJ?

What are the best black tea values in NJ?

This is almost a moot point, as black tea bags are already ridiculously low-priced. The cost per bag is just a couple pennies. Almost always a nickel or less. Whereas Yogi Tea, for instance – costs 25 cents per bag when not on sale.

We’re not fans of the traditional Lipton Tea for some reason. Tastes “worn out” to us. I guess after a lifetime of it – you appreciate different tastes.

So why are we splitting hairs here? No idea. Just thought it’d be nice to share some other options for black tea to “expand your horizons” a few nickels at a time.

Again Ocean State Job Lot regularly features TYPHOO black tea. The British teas have a profoundly darker brew – and stronger taste. We love them. Their inventory varies. Sometimes 100 bags for $2.99 (with strings) or 240 bags (no strings) for $4.99. Cost per bag is under 4 cents each.

Over at ALDI – they have “Benner” tea – which is likely some brand-name “knockoff.” That is super-cheap, at $1.59 for 100 bags (under 2 cents per bag).

As a comparison – ShopRite had the following big boxes of tea available. Lipton, Red Rose, Store-brand, and their cheapest – Bromley – which we’ll try this week:

What are the best tea bag values in NJ?

What are the best tea bag values in NJ?

What are the best tea bag values in NJ?

As you can see – the price differential over the course of a year probably won’t add up to more than a crispy $20 bill, so the economics are not the reason for finding good tea values. But variety is the spice of life – and it’s fun to try different brands.

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