Bacon vs. Pork Roll {net weight after cooking}

A cooking geek vlog today for our low-carb, keto, and carnivore readers!

Last week we shared that we sadly neglected the total awesomeness of pork roll for our healthy diets.

In that video – we said we’d do a little science experiment to see how the “cooked weight” compared between pork roll and bacon.

While bacon fat does have many uses, we save only the “nitrate free” versions since other people eat them as well.

Here are the final tallies “per ounce:”

Pork Roll:
$1.76 per 6oz. (29 cents an ounce – or $4.68 per pound)
After cooking: 4.8 oz (35 cents per ounce)

Thin Hatfield bacon:
$3.99 per pound (25 cents per ounce)
After cooking: 4 oz ($1 per ounce)

Thick Leidy’s Bacon:
$4.99 per pound (31 cents per ounce)
After cooking: 4.4 oz ($1 per ounce)

As you can see – thick cut bacon does not offer any real advantages, as it melts away similarly to thin bacon.

The winner per cooked ounce – was PORK ROLL!

Of course, texture and flavor matters to people. And sometimes people want the crunch of bacon, as well as the taste.

We’ll have both, thank you very much!

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