Hospitals offer unhealthy food & drink

We were recently at a hospital over in Easton, Pennsylvania. Luckily for us, it had nothing to do with our bodies. We were just retrieving our lost wallet that someone was kind enough to return.

However, while we were there to get our property back, we saw what they made available to people in the waiting room.

Unhealthy Junk food and drink!

This always bugs us when we see it.

You’d think institutions developed to help “cure” people, would also help prevent them from becoming fat and sick.

Instead, they make available the worst food and drink imaginable.

And let me tell you – most of the people in the waiting room were morbidly obese and sitting there playing games on their phones. We’re talking 100’s of pounds overweight. “Repeat customers” for sure!

But we all know that if all the potential customers of a hospital were of healthy mind, body, and spirit – their businesses would all tank simultaneously. With just a handful of emergency care places (for accidents or old age).

It’s a shame they have no shame in wanting more sick people to “take care of.” In reality – the sick people of the world are “taking care of” the bank accounts of all these doctors and medical companies.

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