Today’s post is not our usual “two bottle review” (as we label as Cheap Wine Reviews).

It’s more an editorial about why we’re cynical about the wine industry in general. Not the first, either – as we’ve touched on overall wine snobbery in the past as well!

(To be frank, we’re cynical about almost everything. We feel that is a healthy mindset to have. Never “give in” to anything. Whether that’s an ideology, a concept, a product, or whatever.)

Cynicism has many “official” definitions – and we won’t repeat them here. But our definition is someone who holds “doubt” about things in general. And a better way of defining it, is someone who asks “why” or “who benefits?” (in other words – “CUI BONO?”)

There is always something hidden, behind the curtains, and more. If you don’t at least question EVERYTHING that happens (good or bad), you’ll never understand life around you.

You ever wonder about the image of the wine industry?

Psychology, emotions, irrational behavior, and more

The human species is fascinating. Just look at the various “generations.”

There are specific aspects you can clearly identify from afar.

And if you have the opportunity to inspect closer – you’ll see that there are differences as well as trends. A couple easy examples are Tattoos and colored hair. How did so many people become coerced to engage in such activities? Going down the rabbit hole of that single questions will bring you far and wide.

Without getting into so much detail – it’s clear that the human species (as a body of people collectively) are still, to this day, despite our “knowledge” of things – still perfectly manipulatable into doing almost anything for the benefit of others.

Sure, it’s not “everyone,” but it’s still enough people to create a narrative of some sort. Easy examples are any “angry protest” against (fill in the blank here).

Marketing, Celebrities, Mass Media, Common Denomenator

Before we talk about wine in particular – it’s important to know about marketing. Comedian Bill Hicks had a profound position about marketing people a LONG time ago (he’s dead now – wonder why?)

You might benefit by looking into how marketing works today. Digital. GPS. Spying on your emails. Your search results. Your social media activity. And a lot more.

Why wine marketing is not good

As you might suspect – our wine reviews are targeted towards the more affordable kind.

Wines that we can all enjoy within our budgets. Not $50 bottles of wine.

Not only that, we talk about the actual physical after-effects of a two bottle night!

But the wine companies never tout their purity or ability to reduce hangovers.

Do you think wine needs to be this complicated?

Wine “reviews” and wine “lingo”

So what we specifically don’t like about the wine industry – is the over-the-top fanfare when it comes to what is just fermented grapes.

I know we’re going against the grain here, which takes some guts for a public publication. Most people believe the hype of the wine industry hook, line, and sinker. They play their roles.

Have you ever heard someone, who may be a self-proclaimed amateur “wine expert” talk? They sound just like the wine magazines they’ve been reading for years. Sounds artificial, almost fake!

And while I’m not doubting there can be “complexity” in a beverage – It is my belief that most of what is going on is “made up” and in your mind. Because if people are so “in the know” regarding a drink – wouldn’t they be speaking like that for every single thing they taste? Like hamburgers or vegetables?

I truly believe the whole wine industry is just that – a very profitable industry. And like artwork, which is subjective, they need an entire facade around it in order to achieve those upper echelon prices that some wines get. Otherwise, they’d be relegated to “soft drink status,” where everything costs around the same!

And sure, perhaps the “wine enthusiast” enjoys the game of make-believe and the imaginary taste journey they go on each week. I’m not saying people have no right to do so – but more as a suggestion to take an inward look at themselves, and perhaps invest more time in other things and stick with the cheap wine. LOL.

Of course, you can pick anything out there, and become an “enthusiast” about it. Home improvements. Sports. Sewing. Anything. And you will also find “subtleties” and many facets not known to the casual person. However, I think the wine industry is a bit more artificial (inflated) than other hobbies or interests. It serves the winemakers and stores more than it is a true art.

Those are our opinions at least. Grapes are good – but not so much that we’d pay a fortune for them. Even if we were insanely rich, we’d still stick to the inexpensive kind!

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