We opined about how long Phillipsburg Mall will last in the past – and after a quick visit at the end of the year we realized that despite the crickets and tumbleweed – they’re still actually open!

(We visited the awesome Spin Me Round record store).

Phillipsburg Mall - Still Alive

Phillipsburg Mall is almost a museum like attraction!

But despite what we feel will be eventual doom, it’s still an experience to visit – and something we’ll strive to do more while it still has a pulse.

Something eerie about a deserted place like this. Because for those of us who have vivid memories of ultra-crowded malls in the 80’s and 90’s – it creates interesting feelings within.

It also causes you to contemplate the “state of the world” as we know it. How technology and trends can cause seismic shifts in the landscape.

For us life philosophers, it makes for interesting conversation.

What do you think about when you see situations like this?

Phillipsburg Mall - Still Alive

What is “happening” at the Phillipsburg Mall, anyway?

Here are our recollections.

  • Kohl’s is the only “big box” store left.
  • Cell phone stores and video games do well.
  • Victoria’s Secret also has no problems.
  • There’s a Gold’s Gym as well as a shifty looking massage parlor. Hmm.
  • And the pizza place was revitalized to feed the few retail workers.
  • A handful of other places – but a few of them looked to be shutting down shortly.

Anyway – we highly recommend visiting often before this is a forgotten memory. Unless something miraculous happens to the retail landscape out in western NJ, we’re truly mystified how this has remained open for so long.

Phillipsburg Mall - Still Alive

Phillipsburg Mall - Still Alive

Phillipsburg Mall - Still Alive

Phillipsburg Mall - Still Alive

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