Supermarket and Retail News – December 2019

Today’s VLOG is our monthly NJ Supermarket News update. In today’s episode, we cover:

  1. Egg Nog was out back in October. We are growing tired of seeing holiday products out two, sometimes three or four months ahead of time.
  2. Shoprite has a new “house brand” of paper products. “Paper bird.” We don’t think any of these are worth it. Poor quality for the price. Such a shame.
  3. Interesting observation. We never looked at the labels of ordinary Campbell’s soups. Many of them have tons of MSG! WTF? No wonder everyone loves mushroom casserole! Tarnation!
  4. Lastly – there is a sudden surge of low-carb ice creams. So far, the ones we’ve tried are Rebel and Enlightened “Keto Edition.” We’ve said already that this is a slippery slope. The sweet sensation is something we believe is addictive and may have negative impacts on your diet. Now there are at least half a dozen new “KETO” ice creams. Our latest temptation is Sola brand ice cream. We haven’t tasted the two pints we bought yet. They say it’s the most like “real” ice cream. But be careful – the carb count is increasing with these new brands. Eating a whole pint of Rebel will not spike your blood sugar, but you’re getting dangerously close with these newer versions. There are also new “non-blood sugar raising” kinds of sweeteners, such as Allulose and Tagatose. We’re not sure if the claims are legitimate or not, as they are with Xylitol and Erythritol…
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