Rebel Ice Cream (Low Carb – Full Fat – Keto – Carnivore)

Rebel Ice Cream (Low Carb – Full Fat – Keto – Carnivore)

Today’s VLOG covers two main topics:

  1. Ice Cream – and how there were very few options for low-carb, keto, carnivore folks out there. The ones that are sort of “low carb,” can very easily be over-eaten and spike your blood sugar anyway. Plus they taste crappy. A new player has arrived – Rebel Ice Cream from Rebel Creamery. It’s very low carb, and full-fat. Tastes okay too! Not available in New Jersey yet, but will be coming this summer to area ShopRite Supermarkets (according to them.)
  2. Sweets – While the low-carb ice cream definitely was kind to your blood sugar, we wonder if it just a bad idea to eat sweet things in general. As our bodies really weren’t designed to consume such mass quantities of sweets, and especially as often as most people do. Perhaps it’s best to avoid the temptation completely? Why be reminded of a sensation that isn’t good for your body anyway?

We also opine about how food is now primarily a form of “entertainment,” as opposed to a practical way to “fuel” your body. How did we collectively allow this to happen to society?

That’s all for this week’s episode!

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