Wish there were more Tractor Supply stores in NJ!

Tractor Supply is one of those stores that most people would love to have in their neck of the woods. Unfortunately, it appears that the Tractor Supply Company probably doesn’t want to be located in the more “urban” areas of New Jersey. In fact, there are no Tractor Supply stores on Route 22 whatsoever.

There are five within the general area, however. Washington, Flanders, Ringoes, Hillsborough, and Nazareth, PA. See maps and phone info at the bottom.

Most urbanites probably think it’s a “hick” type store. But with over 1,700 stores nationwide – that is nothing to mess with! (8 billion in sales along with almost 30,000 employees too!) And considering they have a massive selection of affordable PET FOOD – we’d want one close to us, that is for sure!

So what does Tractor Supply sell exactly?

Well – you can go to their website to find out – tractorsupply.com. But Tractor Supply has five major product categories. Based on 2017 sales figures:

  1. 47% – Livestock and pet products
  2. 22% – Hardware, tools, truck and towing products
  3. 19% – Seasonal products such as lawn and garden equipment, gifts and toys
  4. 8% – Clothing and footwear
  5. 4% – Agricultural products

Why we like Tractor Supply Co.

For one – we enjoy stores that sell very practical things. You can solve so many problems with the tools and supplies that Tractor Supply sells.

Additionally, we enjoy the “DIY” vibe, as well as the typically useful nature of the employees there. Regardless of which location we’ve been to. A nice change compared to the general lackluster feeling we get at almost all other stores in 2019.

And lastly – we feel they’re generally very fairly priced, and they have some awesome clearance sales from time to time. An “All-American” type establishment.

Below are the five locations within the njroute22.com coverage area. (Two are on Route 206 – and one is on Route 202 as well as Route 57.)

Most Tractor Supply stores are open every day from 8am to 8pm – except Sunday from 9am to 7pm.

Tractor Supply Co. – Hillsborough (Route 206)

Phone: (908) 431-0539

Tractor Supply Co. – Flanders (Route 206)

Phone: (973) 252-2925

Tractor Supply Co. – Ringoes (Route 202)

Phone: (908) 284-2021

Tractor Supply Co. – Washington (Route 57)

Phone: (908) 284-2021

Tractor Supply Co. – Narareth, PA

Phone: (610) 746-9562

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