Today we’re going to take a quick look at another ShopRite Supermarket (they are, after all one of the biggest names in the Garden State!) This time – it’s the ShopRite of Stirling, NJ.

Recently updated – the Shoprite of Stirling, NJ ain’t so bad

Stirling, NJ (Long Hill) is not necessarily part of the core spots along the coverage area, however, we find ourselves in the Valley Road vicinity between Summit and Bernards quite often. Partly because we have found a great place to get a haircut (Tony’s Barber Shop) which is right next door to this ShopRite!

ShopRite of Stirling – par for the course… except…

Like pretty much every single ShopRite – they sell everything you expect and have recently “updated” their store to a more modern look. You know, with all the popular psychological marketing buzzwords that folks subconsciously feel good about. They also have a separate “healthy” section, as some other ShopRites do.

However – what truly sets this location apart – is the layout. It’s more wide than deep. And most noteworthy is the “one-way” arrangement of the produce and deli section. Only one part of the store (the far right-front) can access it. Most other Shoprites have two access points to this area – so you can “loop around.” The only other ShopRite that we can think of that has this kind of layout is over in Phillipsburg (Greenwich).

Not a deal-breaker – but something to take note of. That’s all.

This ShopRite also has an express to-go checkout at the back right corner of the store. I guess for those busy suburbanites that just want to get prepared food and leave in a jiffy.

All in all – it’s a decent place for area residents to get their food.

Pretty standard hours, too. 7am to 10pm every day except Sunday, when they close at 9pm. You can call them at 908-604-2129 for additional information.

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