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Treasure Hunt Booklet: How many of you use?

Today’s blog post (slash) “vlog” (slash) video test (slash) equipment test involves the ubiquitous Treasure Hunt Booklet, pamphlet, newspaper, book, whatever you want to call this publication.

Every week, we take a copy of the Treasure Hunt booklet from a local area establishment and bring it home. Most of the time we don’t have the time or freedom to read it. Something else always commands our energy more.

But we’ve read it thoroughly in the past many times. There is so much going on in there – it’s nearly too much to handle. But it serves a purpose. Vlog Episode 3: Treasure Hunt

Below is our growing YouTube vlog series. This one is Episode 3: Treasure Hunt.


Be thankful Treasure Hunt exists!

You know, how technology is almost exceeding human capacity to “understand what they have done to society!” it is profoundly necessary to understand the importance of publications such as Treasure Hunt.

The fact that they still exist (and are hopefully thriving) is of utmost importance!

As you might know, the so-called “internet” isn’t what it used to be. At one point in time, your searches actually found things you were looking for!

Over the past just five years, the search results have become sanitized. And I mean that as someone who lived life before, and during the implementation of these so-called interwebs. Even more so in the past year or two. Our search results have become empty. Or in other words, just targeted towards the chosen ones. I almost hate every search result I get. Even after 10 or 20 pages of digging. Something has gone wrong in a terrible way.

So that is why these seemingly “outlying” publications are more important than ever. Because they exist – and they provide an alternative to the big, bad, robot that is trying to steer humanity.

Peace and love, everyone! Stay tuned for Vlog Episode 4!

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