Why the Carnivore Diet is a Fad!

Well – in today’s Low Carb, Keto, Carnivore Diet VLOG – the title is not entirely misleading.

The carnivore “diet” is NOT a fad.

BUT, they all want you to BELIEVE it’s a fad – and that it is not good for you.


Because people are scared of the world “waking up” to good health.


Because BAD health is GOOD for many people and companies.

Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize how profitable it is to keep people “just sick enough” to require care – but not quite sick enough to drop dead on the spot. They need a good solid four or five decades of revolving-door healthcare payments from you!

This is why they knock good trends like low-carb or carnivore.

And if that doesn’t work – believe us – they will find a way to either TAINT our meat supply.

Or get more people to believe that “plant-based” meat is the way to go.

They’ll try to get you one way or another.

Make friends with a true cattle-farmer ASAP is our advice.


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