Why most good ideas don’t go viral {VLOG}

Why most good ideas don’t go viral {VLOG}

When you hear the word viral in the information matrix, that usually means something trivial. Typically stupid or funny or tragic.
While it’s not impossible, most truly good ideas never really go viral to the same extent. Why is that?

One such example is low-carb or carnivore living. A truly profound health benefit – yet most people are doing something different, despite the extraordinary evidence!

The same goes for frugality versus over-consumption. How much better would we be off as people if people lived practically?

And when things do go viral – there are tons of people and businesses looking to get their piece of the pie (financially). The gluten-free and plant-based phenomenons are good examples. They’re really not good for the people, but they have the advantage of being popular – regardless if they’re right or wrong.

One of the main obstacles why common-sense doesn’t take the world by storm is probably psychological. Whereas the human ego trumps logic. They’ve figured out the proper ways to train most people to not exercise their logical brain, and instead fall back on their emotional part.

We like good ideas and thoughtful conversation – we’re a minority

When we encounter anyone, friends, strangers, store workers, relatives, we run into the same issue.

Most people talk about “trending” topics, for lack of a better phrase. Or perhaps “pop culture.” A TV show. A news happening (virus, politics, etc.). Always about the “latest thing.”

Never a long-form discussion. Or philosophical idea. Or a mindset. Or a perspective.

Always about stupid “stuff.” That recent virus thing consumed everyone we knew – except us. We were focused on using our brain. Expanding our horizons. And of course, trying to understand humanity.

It’s not easy when you’re against the grain.

But frankly – this is why we are very selective with who we befriend. Most people these days are bores. Simple-minded, actually. In fact, they cannot even tolerate great ideas or topics that require contemplation or deep thought (same thing). If it’s not an instant knee-jerk reaction – then it’s a dead conversation.

I guess that is how technology – and the quick-hitting sound-bites and 280-character discussion limits have affected the entire society.

Perhaps we are looking in the wrong places. It may require some extra effort to have deeper connections with our fellow humans – wherever they are.

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