We had an opportunity to check out Harbor Freight Tools up in Easton, PA recently.

Harbor Freight Tools is a very well-known tool and “DIY” type store throughout the nation. In fact, we only became enamored by them in the past year. Totally overlooked! What a treat we missed our whole life!

There aren’t many in the NJroute22.com area. In fact, only three! This one in Easton, the Harbor Freight Tools of Green Brook, and one over in Union (both on Route 22).

As a recap, we feel they’re a “wise man’s Home Depot,” that sells tools and other DIY equipment for much less than other big-box stores. You just need to know what you’re getting into, and where to draw the line on “cheap” versus “sound investment.” Many of the products they sell are perfectly good and will last a long time with the proper care. Other products, well – you just have to exercise prudence, that’s all!

Harbor Freight Tools of Easton, PA

This Harbor Freight located on 25th Street between Route 78 and Route 22 (map below) has definitely been around longer than others. You can just tell.

(By the way, this little commercial roadway is a great destination for those living in western NJ. As it has supermarkets (ALDI, LIDL, GIANT, as well as other useful stores like Home Depot and Marshalls).

But one other thing stood out. And that was the TYPE of customers we happen to observe.

Easton residents LOVE the good values at HFT!

What we noticed right away, was the clientele. Local “rednecks!”

People who were good with their hands, but wanted to save money. Definitely property-owners for sure.

The Green Brook location, on the other hand – seemed to cater more towards contractors and the “day laborer” type.

In other words – the customers in PA seemed to shop there more for personal use, whereas the customers (we saw) in NJ – definitely frequented the store more as “part of the job.” If that makes any sense to you. But then again, it could be our small sample size. We’ll continue to monitor.

But when we went, Harbor Freight had some kind of special discounts going, and the place was mobbed. One employee told me they always get mobbed when there is any promotion. “The place would be packed, even if it was a 5% discount,” he said.

So people like saving money.

Money goes a long way at Harbor Freight

You definitely feel like you get your money’s worth at HFT. You get a lot of “stuff” for much less out of pocket than other stores.

And with their specials and other coupons, people feel good about not getting ripped off. Heck, we even hear through the grapevine, that even some of their power tools and other equipment holds it’s own compared to other more recognizable brand names. (Some theorize that they’re made in the same factories, etc.)

Just one of the reasons they’re expanding like mad.

In the end – we love Harbor Freight, and can always find something useful that we NEED there. And who can complain about that?

Map, Hours & Phone: Harbor Freight Tools of Easton, PA

Hours: Ppen from 8am to 8pm every day (except Sunday from 9am to 6pm)
Phone: 610-252-2736

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