N.J. ranked America’s least patriotic state? NO WAY!

Never believe bogus survey sites that push “polls” and especially “RANKINGS.”

They’re pure click-bait – and use false information to tweak fictional conclusions based on fancy-sounding “methodologies.” Intelligent people DO NOT FALL for crap like that.

Some “popular” site (not going to mention their name – but references a money-holder) came out with some convoluted “Most Patriotic States in America” results for 2020, and New Jersey is at the bottom of the list.

They cherry-picked 13 categories ranging from military veteran residence to voting in 2016; and their data-modeling put the Garden State 50th overall for “patriotism,” whatever that means.

I’ll tell you this much – looking around at the America Flags proudly flying in the western half of New Jersey – I’d beg to differ.

Lesser patriotic states at the very least – are the ones such as New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Washington, Oregon, etc. But even that can be argued, quite frankly.

Perhaps NO STATES are “UN-PATRIOTIC” whatsoever! Perhaps the high-density urban centers are the problem (think voter fraud and handouts.)

These bogus sites generate controversy and commentary just like this

Admittedly – we “reacted,” however not giving them any links, nor participating on their site. However, this is exactly what those BS clickbait sites do.

Because the majority of people “believe” their dumb methodologies – and either praise the results – or get FURIOUS something they liked was omitted or misrepresented.

Then there are people like us (albeit rarely) that still feel the need to point this absurdity out.

But ideally…

The best result will never transpire

Bogus sites like those thrive – because people can’t resist – like slowing down to look at a highway wreck. Perhaps it’s human nature?

In a perfect world – those sites wouldn’t make it – because what they produce is equivalent to low-hanging fruit. Bottom of the barrel. Low-IQ.

The sad thing is – there is a pretty big audience for such stupidity (think: TV, entertainment, other dumb gossips).

So we’re going to have to live with these absurdities for the foreseeable future.

Important not to forget: Because these sites have some credible “influence,” they’re also very well funded – and often publish disinformation and misinformation to shape public opinion for nefarious causes. Don’t think I’m right – do some digging to find out for yourself.

Our advice – NEVER BOTHER TO READ THEM, and convince everyone you know to do the same. Good luck with that.

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