Walking the fine line during the stupid lockdown {vlog}

Walking the fine line during the stupid lockdown

We’re close to getting fed up – for many reasons – please watch our vlog above.

For one – we are in the group of people that are not “afraid” of this. Not specifically because we don’t think this is as bad as they say (just compare whatever “global death” charts – and we just can’t see much of an overall statistical derivation year over year – however suspect that data is to begin with). But because we don’t see any real-world observable reasons to be afraid. About the only thing that concerns us – is the unpredictable mindset of the MOB does allow mainstream media to corrupt their minds. A story for another day.

Household division and conflict is worse

But what happens when two parents in the same household have drastically different viewpoints. Amazing that the specific “recipe” of what you “consume” (online or otherwise) can shape your position.

Sometimes in our household – there are trying times. Where when one person still feels the need to “disinfect” something (like a box of macaroni) that has been sitting in the basement for months – that you begin to see the effects of this fear and panic. This type of behavior is illogical. Real paranoia.

Despite whatever questionable data that circulated (such as “germs only live 3 days on cardboard”), the FEAR lingers like a psycho ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

How can people have two differing views? If you believed when they “said” only three-days, why are you still wiping everything down with bleach and alcohol months later? How does that happen? Is it even possible to reverse these horrific mental conditions?

Why are some people so afraid?

Why are others confident and fearless?

I suspect this “panic-demic” is going to have ripple effects within many families coast to coast. Unsustainable.

Wish us luck!

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