What happened to dialogue and discussion? {VLOG}

What happened to dialogue and discussion? {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we chat about the disappearance of good conversation, dialogue, and hearty discussion in society.

It’s simple – the advent of technology and the internet has changed almost everyone. It literally “rewired” how people think, act, and talk.

We can remember days before all of this high-speed information, how conversations between people (your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc.) had a different flow.

You got to know people. Learn what they were all about. Discussions often lingered for weeks on end. Healthy debates would ensue – but rarely in an overly heated way. Each participant actually gave the other a chance to chime in. Topics would get a rest for a day or two, and were easily revisited. Not sure I’m explaining it right.

But without the pocket computers and instant access to “information” (in quotes because much of what is online these days is outright wrong and inaccurate), people spoke about what they knew. Research would happen over time – and the discussion would grow SLOWLY. No one was looking to win on the spot.

TODAY? When you talk with most people, and there is a disagreement or some other kind of difference, the first thing that is done is they reach for the phone and try to show “proof.”

Additionally, it appears that most everyone I see – already knows everything! Imagine that!

Or to put it more accurately, they have formed rock-solid OPINIONS about everything. They THINK they know it all. And also feel they are 100% right about everything they believe in.

It’s a real POLARIZATION of human beings. All shaped by whatever digital echo-chambers people spend most of their time in.

I really miss the days where the long-form conversation was the norm. Everyone had a real curiosity about life and things. Where conclusions were rarely made – and the topic was always open for further updates. It was actually fun.

No one cares anymore.

Have a good day!

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