Mailbox Messages: There is always something to be grateful for

Mailbox Messages – What is the deal with them?

In today’s VLOG – we talk about random acts of kindness. And we specifically mean mailbox messages.

There is always something to be grateful for {Mailbox Messages}

How many people have ever received mailbox messages like these that were hand-placed?

We recently got one in our mailbox – obviously someone from the area.

It contained two pieces of paper tied with a piece of ribbon.

One – was a printed square that read:

“To whomever this message reaches in your beautiful home;
I hope you find the words on this card to be uplifting and hopeful in a time when positivity can change how we go about our days in times of hardship.”
Kindness and Compassion to you!”

And the second sheet, which appeared to be hand-written in pen:

“There is always something to be grateful for.”

(with some hand-drawn “flowers” of some kind.)

Who does this? And what is the objective?

Sure – we have no issue with this. It’s old-school, compared to how people just quickly post “positive” memes on their stupid social media channels.

But we’re just wondering who does these types of things. And more specifically, why.

Again, nothing wrong with it.

One, it takes a considerable amount of TIME to make messages like this. And more time to run around and deliver them.

What was their motivation?

Is this something from a church? Or people from a church?

They are not promoting anything, except positive energy, which is good. Like we said – nothing wrong with it.

Is this a widespread phenomenon? Was it initiated online somewhere? Or was it just a truly individual idea?

(As you know, most “ideas” or trends that happen these days are usually copycat ideas that spread – like “paying it forward.”)

Were we the only ones that got it? We never asked our neighbors – perhaps one day we will.

If it was a bigger effort – how many could they have “sent out?” A couple hundred?

Whatever the case is – we find this to be very unique and interesting. Unless it was something generated by social media. We hate all social media – whether it’s for good or bad. The end result is always bad – especially when you know for a fact that social media uses their users for money. You cannot convince me otherwise. It’s the devil that social media.

In the end – it didn’t impact our lives – because we see silver linings every single day. And we are grateful for almost everything. But in order to be human – you have to possess the “Yin and Yang” of life. Without bad, there is no good, and vice-versa.

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