Stop setting goals – change your life instead

Setting goals – are they useless?

In today’s VLOG – we chime in about how people love setting goals, and perhaps there is a better approach to improving your life.

Stop setting goals – change your life instead

Most of the time, when people strive to create lifestyle changes, there are often “goals” involved.

The ones you might recognize, are weight (lose 30lbs) and time (quit drinking for 30 days).

Hardly anyone meets their goals. They repeatedly fall short.

Then they give up.

A better idea is just to adopt a new way of living, and let time take care of the rest.

Weight loss is a prime example.

Switching to low-carb is not an overnight thing, for instance.

It could really take a solid decade to truly come to fruition.

Same with other time-oriented goals.

Taking a little time off from something bad is just a temporary fix. It does not solve a problem. It just delays it.

So when you are looking to improve yourself, perhaps it’s better to just adopt a completely new mindset – and stick with it indefinitely.

The results will come.

Having a time constraint on things is unrealistic and what may lead most people down the road of failure.

The only goal should be sticking with your plan

For us, for instance, our goal was to stop eating sugar and any carbs that raised the infamous “blood sugar level.”

And we did. We’ve gotten really good with it after years of mistakes and cheats.

Because we didn’t have a specific “goal” in mind – we didn’t “fail” at much. We did not become discouraged. We just learned and adapted.

The goals to reach a specific measurement or level are a double-sided sword.

Sure if you succeed, that feels great. But it also leaves you prone to go back to your usual ways prior to the mission.

Sticking with a total life change – without goals or specific numbers is a lot easier.

Hope you enjoyed our viewpoint, and have a great day!

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