Wild Basin Seltzer Part 2 – WINNER!

Wild Basin Seltzer Part 2 – WINNER!

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we present a follow-up to our initial review of Wild Basin Seltzer.

Getting much better! Wild Basin Berry Pack

When we first checked out Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water over two years ago – we were generally happy with the product.

Despite having some profoundly bad flavors.

Oddly enough, we simply forgot about them. Perhaps the dumb crisis had something to do with it. I cannot offer a logical explanation other than (like Critter), that I just “forgot!”

Either way – we revisited them again in the first half of 2021, and we are thrilled!

They have new flavors, as demonstrated in their “Berry Pack.”

And this time, there are no “awful” flavors whatsoever.

All the varieties in this pack are acceptable. Sure, some worse than others – but that is exactly what you want in today’s world. If everything was the same – it would be the end of times.

Wild Basin is now our Number One!

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer has been our top choice since we switched away from wine.


They had the best combination of positives. Low carbs. Good price point. Decent taste.

But Wild Basin has now superseded Smirnoff in our mind – because they meet all the positives – but have a better value because the alcohol content is 0.5% higher than Smirnoff.

This new “Berry” pack has eliminated any negatives we experienced from the first pack of “new age” flavors.

Strangely enough, one odd combination is our downright favorite – Strawberry Coconut. Delicious. If I was drowning in a pool of this – I would drink my way to survival. That good!

Our first video recommended this. Today – we say MAKE THIS YOU TOP CHOICE FOR SPIKED SELTZERS!

Have an awesome day!

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