Low Carb summers and winters {vlog}

Low Carb summers and winters {vlog}

Our belief is that you should never shy away from anything physical. And we can back that up.

Summers here in the NJroute22.com world are quite strenuous at times. Our main “activity” during the growing months – is landscaping. A lot of it. Probably around 12 solid days a month – sometimes more. I’d approximate it’s about eight months a year.

And most winters, we get a decent amount of snow – and that involves quite a bit of snow cleanup that is also challenging.

That, along with all the other home-improvement projects and heavy lifting – we typically stay active enough all year round to not require a gym for “weight loss.”

But last winter was an exception – NO snow! So we definitely lowered our energy expenditure quite significantly. We saw some negative progress in our general health.

Are gyms mostly for vanity?

If we had to guess – a large majority of people who use gyms – are not there to become stronger to lift heavier things, etc. They’re there for purely egotistical reasons. Healthy people might want to become “buff,” or fat people want to improve their self-image, or perhaps attract a more desirable partner, etc.

Of course, some people do use the gym to get “healthy,” which is fine. Dropping excess weight is good. But 99% of the bad weight can come off strictly by diet alone – low-carb is no joke.

We also think that because most of the improvements come from what you eat (or don’t eat), fitness centers are generally a big waste of time. You can be doing other things with more effort than “hitting the gym” for half an hour – and feel like you can binge-watch for four hours “because you worked out.” That is a mistake MANY people make.

Better off being fully active and non-sedentary for most of your waking hours.

Just our $0.02. To each their own – but there are better ways. And cheaper too.

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