What is up with this “thing” that has consumed us all? {VLOG}

What is up with this “thing” that has consumed us all? {VLOG}

I’ve talked to a “few” people during this “thing” which I will not name here. But you all know what I’m talking about. The “thing” that has wrapped up our nation for the past almost three months.

But the “divide” between people, even “friends” or husbands, and wives have been staggering.

While I’ve seen a few couples “on the same page,” it appears that many collective “families” are very much divided. Why is that?

Different social mediums – as well as common sense

We can’t put our finger on it exactly – but it appears that there are countless different opinions about what is happening. Almost unprecedented. No one agrees about anything – at least from a total perspective.

The “facts” (if you want to call them that), are literally impossible to reconcile. Everything does not connect properly. And because of the breakneck pace most people get their information – it is not possible to draw the dotted lines (for most people at least). A ball of confusion.

It’s possible this is all by design.

Which is why we rely on common sense and logic.

There are so many hypocrisies out there, you’d need a month to list them all (such as “social distancing is necessary” vs. “we admire the protestors” – who were not social distancing).

We knew from the get-go – that something was awry here. It’s just a matter of whether the truth will ever become uncovered. Which we doubt.

Stay strong – and do your best to find a safe haven away from overly-populated areas, and get started with some hard core homesteading!

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